Kuala Lumpur Day 3: Brunch at Kopitiam Kepong

Ben and I had a miserable night. We took turns to run to the bathroom. We were drained and exhausted.


Although we love the breakfast buffet at the hotel, we had to avoid spicy food. So, we went to the Kopitiam in the next door mall. Kopitiam is a franchise coffee shop.


The marble top tables and wooden stools reminiscent to old style coffee shop.


I had teh (milk tea) while Ben had white coffee. Both were RM2.90 (CAD1) each. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 2: More Snacks

After dinner, Ben and I walked over to Lot 10 shopping mall. This mall is a familiar one to me.


However, the food court is new to me. There is a hutong style food court now. Ben decided to have a “Lin Ji Gerng” , cold version to quench his thirst. This is a dessert soup which can be served hot or cold. It has lotus seeds, snow fungus, etc.


It also has a quail egg in it. This was RM5.20 (about CAD1.75).


We had a Seremban siew bao for snack. This was RM1.70 (about CAD0.60).


The Seremban siew bao has moist savory meaty filing with very flaky pastry. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 2: Dinner at Pavilion Food Court

Ben and I explored the Bukit Bintang area by foot.


It looked foreign and yet familiar to me. I had worked in this area for 8 years before I left for Vancouver.


Advertising is big in Kuala Lumpur with big banners everywhere.


This is another new shopping mall to me, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.


A fountain in front of the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.


I remembered when we first walked into this mall, the grand foyer wowed us. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 2: Snacks at Bukit Bintang

After attended to family matters, my sister-in-law dropped us at Berjaya Times Square. When I left Kuala Lumpur many moons ago, there is no Berjaya Times Square yet.


Since we were there in early February, the mall still had Chinese New Year decorations on.


The foyer of Berjaya Times Square. I used to work for one of the subsidiary of the Berjaya Group.


We stopped by Buddy Soy Smoothies in Berjaya Times Squares for some snacks. I had the soy pudding with gula Melaka (palm sugar). This was RM3.80 (about CAD1.30).  The soy pudding was smooth and not too sweet but the fragrance of the palm sugar made a great difference.


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Kuala Lumpur Day 2: Breakfast Buffet at Crown Cafe Coffee House

We stayed in the Crystal Crown at Jalan Kepong due to it’s proximity to families. Our hotel stay included a buffet breakfast at the Crown Cafe Coffee House. The room was just so so but the buffet breakfast save the day.


Here were some of the food that we had from the buffet. First of all, make your own nasi lemak (coconut rice) with chicken rendang and squid sambal.


There  was also an option with fried rice.


Mee goreng (fried noodle), spicy version. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 1: Snacks from Night Market

After the BKT dinner, my father and my brother, Pong brought us to a nearby night market. Night market usually runs in an area once a week. We can’t miss out the opportunity to go.


The above is a favourite kueh of Ben. It’s called “jin loong bao”. It is a batter cooked in a flat round pan topped with ground peanuts, sugar and butter. Some also have sweet corns.


This was the bigger version which will be cut up into wedges. RM0.90 (CAD0.30)  per slice.


This version is thicker and softer. I prefer the individual serving type which is thinner and crisper.


We also bought a bag of freshly squeezed cane sugar juice to share. It was RM1.30 (CAD0.45). Drinks are usually served in plastic bag with a corner tied with raffia string for holding. I guess this the cheapest packaging method.  (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 1: Bak Kut Teh Dinner

Ben and I met up with my families for dinner. My sister in law, Wendy made reservation at a Bak Kut Teh restaurant for dinner. It was a popular restaurant and it was full when we arrived. Luckily, we had reservation.


Wendy specifically ordered the above pork rib soup which was made upon request. The broth is lighter in colour but strong in herbs flavour. It takes an hour to make from scratch and it has to be pre-ordered.


Usual practice in a BKT restaurant is to wash the tea cups and cutlery with hot water in a small bucket that came with all the cutlery like chopticks, small saucers, fork and spoon.


Condiments for BKT are usually chopped raw garlic and sliced fresh red chili. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 1: Lunch and Snacks

We met up with Ben’s aunties, sister and brother for lunch. Ben’s sister brought us to a modern coffee shop.


Ben had nasi lemak with sambal prawns and other fixings like hard boiled egg, cucumber, fried peanuts and anchovies. I stole a few bites from Ben’s plate as I was still stuffed with the breakfast we had.


Ben had a cold plum drink which is great to quench thirst in the hot humid weather.


I just had some garlic toast to snack. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 1: Breakfast at Kepong Baru Market

We arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 2am. Luckily, my brother, Pong came to pick us up. However, Pong did not check the flight status and he waited for more than 2 hours.


KLIA was brand new when I left Kuala Lumpur. It was still well maintain after more than 10 years.


I’m pretty impressed with the airport.


We waited till morning before venturing out for breakfast. We took a cab to the Kepong Baru Market for Ben’s favourite breakfast dishes. It’s an open market with coffee shops in surrounding areas.


First item we had was Ben’s favourite rice roll with pork rind in curry sauce. This was RM5.30 (about CAD 1.75). (more…)

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Layover at Shanghai Pu Tong Airport

We had our layover in Shanghai Pu Tong Airport. It was supposed to be a 3.5 hours layover.


We arrived in the evening. Shanghai Pu Tong Airport was not very impressive.


The only interesting feature was the above ceiling decorations.


We had dinner at one of the restaurant in the airport. We ordered a beef noodle soup to share. It was RMB39 (about CAD6.50). The pricing is like Vancouver standard. (more…)

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