Kuala Lumpur Day 10: Breakfast at Jalan Imbi

Ben decided to go Jalan Imbi for breakfast. We had breakfast here a lot while we were still working in Kuala Lumpur. We left home early to avoid the traffic jam and had a nice long breakfast in town before Ben dropped me off at Jalan Sultan Ismail and drove to his office.


I had a dry rice noodle where the soup is served on the side. The soup has pork balls and pork liver sausage in it.


The dry rice noodles has fried ground pork in it. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 9: Chinese Dinner

Ben and I met up with my ex boss and family for dinner. We were pretty excited to meet the latest addition to the family. I cant believe J & A are grandparents now. Congrats to the family.


It was a long story on how we ended up at this restaurant. J had other restaurant in mind but unfortunately, the restaurant was closed on Monday. We tried to go another restaurant and it was also closed. Well, it seems like Monday is a popular day for restaurant to close for business after a hectic weekend.

J did the ordering. The above was Spicy Prawn with lady fingers. The sauce definite goes well with steamed rice.


Sour cabbage and bitter melon. I like the sour and bitter combination. Ben is not a fan of bitter melon. So, I never cook bitter melon at home.


Stuffed Tofu with eggy sauce. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 9: Thai Lunch

We spent the morning taking care of family business. Ben’s sister dropped us back at our hotel. We just had lunch in the mall next to our hotel.


We had Thai food at Happy Thai. There is a 10% discount for the hotel guest. We tried their homemade Iced Lemongrass drink. It was refreshing and the flavour was unique.


The above was Papaya Salad. It was very sour, too much for Ben. So, I had most of it.


Seafood Tom Yum Soup. It was sour and spicy and very appetizing. My mouth salivate while writing this. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 8: Nyonya Cuisine Dinner

Ben and I had dinner with my family again. This time, my brother, Yew treated us to a restaurant serving nyonya cuisine.


Nyonya cuisine is also known as peranakan cuisine. It’s a unique blend of Chinese and Malay cuisine.


The above was a tofu hot pot, mainly for the kids as their tolerance to spicy food is not there yet. Now, I had to say that I hate restaurant with reddish lighting. The photos just do not come out right.


Sambal kangkung (a spicy water spinach stir fried dish).


Soy sauce prawns. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 8: Food Sampling in Petaling Street

Ben and I decided to visit Petaling Street for some sightseeing on this day. Petaling Street is Kuala Lumpur’s chinatown.


Petaling Street is infamous for pirated goods like watches, handbags, DVDs, etc. It is a very popular tourist attraction.


However, the scene of this used to be chinatown is changing. It is now populated with foreign workers.


This is a popular stall in Petaling Street selling a sweet dessert drink. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 8: Dim Sum Breakfast

Ben and I met up with J and C for breakfast. J and C are in the process of immigrating to Canada during our visit. So, they have lots of questions in mind. We are glad to share our experiences with them.


J and C brought us to The Ming Room for a dim sum breakfast. The above is deep fried white bait fish with salt and pepper.


Various condiments.


Egg tarts.


BBQ pork pastry. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 7: Mamak Stall Supper

Although Ben and I were really stuff after the seafood dinner, we decided to explore mamak stalls in Kepong for supper. Time is running out quickly for this visit.


After searching for sometime, we settled at one of the mamak stall. This was the only one with banana hanging in the stall.  I was looking for my favourite supper dish.

We had iced tea for drinks as it’s still hot despite it’s already past 11:00 pm.


Well, this was what I’m looking for. It is roti pisang. It is roti canai filled with banana. The curry dipping sauce was not necessary but it gives a different dimension to the sweet roti. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 7: Visit to Putrajaya

After dinner, my brother-in-law and family brought us to the nearby Putrajaya for a visit.


Putrajaya is a planned city, primarily serves as the federal administrative center. It was the brainchild of the ex-prime minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.


The Putra Mosque is one of the focal point in this city.


The Prime Minister’s office.


The Seri Wawasan Bridge; one of the main bridges in Putrajaya, the color changes intermittently from blue to green to purple. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 7: Seafood Dinner

Ben and I had dinner with my sister and family. They live in Puchong which was quite a distance from Kuala Lumpur. My younger brother who lives with my sister picked us from our hotel after work.


Khoo, my brother-in-law brought us to a seafood restaurant for dinner. The above was a complimentary snack before dinner.


This Tuck Fook Seafood Restaurant is famous for it’s crab dishes. The above is cheese mushroom crab. It was super rich.


We had some deep fried bun to soak up the delicious sauce from our meal.


The cheese mushroom sauce was almost dessert like. (more…)

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