Living Cafe in Steveston Village

Time flies as summer is almost gone. Kids are back to school and we are back to our routine.


Polly and I met for cake meet at this new cafe in Steveston Village, at 12240 Second Avenue.


At a glance, there seems to be not much of sweet treats; just some muffins and cookies. The server told us that there are more to the menu and showed us a printed menu.


You can click on the photos to have a larger view.

Since Polly and I just wanted something light; we just ordered some muffins and a brownie.


The first muffin is a Lemon Blueberry Muffin. The muffin is $3.50 each. This was alright; moist. (more…)

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The Sweet Spot revisited

Polly and I met for one more time before I left for Beijing this summer. We revisited The Sweet Spot in Steveston since I had a flight to catch after our cake meet.


Polly suggested to revisit The Sweet Spot in Steveston. We had four items to share.


The above was a Pear Tart. At the first glance, Polly thought it was a savoury tart.


Does’nt the pear looks like bacon? Most likely the pear is poached in red wine. (more…)

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Pane e Fromaggio on 10th Ave W, Vancouver

Polly and I had cake meet at Pane e Fromaggio for another lady’s day out.


I had a hard time trying to recover the photos taken since 31st May as my notebook’s hard disk is dying. I had been painstakingly and patiently copying out my pictures from my dying notebook. I’m currently using a notebook on loan, so there will be no photoshopping for the pictures, i.e. I cannot place the chowtimes logo on my photos.


Pane e Fromaggio is a nice little cafe, not many seats though.


There is a good selection of sandwiches, cakes and desserts.


Here is a glance of what we had. (more…)

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High Tea at Adorabelle Tea Room in Steveston Village

Polly and I celebrated Mother’s Day in advance.


We went for high tea at Adorabelle Tea Room in Steveston. Please note that Adorabelle Tea Room is located at the old Steveston Court House. Pay parking is available at the parking lot adjacent to the tea room.


Reservation is required. The teacups that decorated a wall are lovely.


Each will get his/her individual teapot which is covered with a warmer at the back of the above photo.


The server will add the tea leaves into the teapot strainer at the table. (more…)

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LÓpera Patisserie on Minoru Blvd, Richmond

Polly and I met at LÓpera Patisserie for cake meet.


LÓpera Patisserie is located across Mui Garden. One hour free parking is available in the hotel parking lot. Park at spot with no specific reservation sign.


It is a small French patisserie which seats no more than 20.


Polly had a Cappuccino which is strong in coffee flavour.


I had a Matcha Latte. It left behind a layer of oily green settlement at the end; kind of weird.


The croissants here are amazing. They are so big and airy. (more…)

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Diplomat Bakery on London Road, Richmond

It’s been a long while I have not been back to Diplomat Bakery. Polly and I met up for cake meet again after a long break at Diplomat Bakery which is one of our favourite place.


It was an exceptionally cold, wet and windy spring day. So, both of us had a bowl of hot soup. The small chicken gumbo was $2.99. It was filled with vegetables like tomatoes, onions and okra and had cubes of chicken with rice. It was slightly spicy and great for the cold weather.


Each of us also had a piece of Napolean as it is not sharable. It was very messy eating it as it crumbles and the cream and icing sugar gets all over your lips. But it’s a very luscious dessert. It is $2,75.


We also shared a Butter Croissant which is topped with sliced almonds and icing sugar. I think it was $2.99. The server offered to warm it up in the microwave for us. (more…)

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Bel Cafe at Hotel Georgia, Vancouver

Polly and I managed to get together once on a Saturday morning for breakfast.


e met up at the Bridgeport station and took the Canada Line to Vancouver City Center station. From there, it was just a  short walk to Hotel Georgia. We had breakfast at Bel Cafe which located at the corner of Hotel Georgia.


We were there quite early, just before 9 am on a Saturday morning. It was not busy at that time. But, by the time we were about to leave, the place was full.


The decor is modern and sleek.


The above were the items we shared. (more…)

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Marketplace IGA Bistro on West Broadway, Vancouver

It’s ladies’ meet again with Polly. We did not have a plan of where to go. We just drove along west Broadway to look for a place to hang out because we remembered seeing a lot of places that we can go during our way back on our previous cake meet . But now that we want to look out for a place, we just can’t find one.


We drove all the way to Vine St. before we found a place to go to. At first we wanted to go to Higher Ground Coffee House across Vine St but it was packed and a glance inside, I did not see much choice of baked goods. So, we went inside the Marketplace IGA bistro to have a peek.

Street parking is available at $1 per hour.


Marketplace IGA Bistro was not as busy and there are lots of food to choose from. Among them are baked goods, panini, bread, wraps, etc. We found a cozy corner around the corner from the counter which is slightly sunken with just a few steps of staircase. We love the cozy spot.


We were impressed by the fact that IGA even install a ram for the disabled to use this area. Good community service.


We had a Goat Cheese Bread to share. The serving is quite large. It is $3.99. The goat cheese gives it a slightly tangy taste and saltiness.  There are some … (more…)

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Uprising Breads Bakery on West Broadway, Vancouver

Polly and I were able to resume our cake meet after a month of break since the winter break. Polly had been busy at work since the beginning of the year.


It’s been a while we did not go for sweet treats. So, we went to Uprising Breads Bakery on West Broadway to satisfy our sweet tooth. Street meter parking is available along west Broadway. We noticed that the meter parking is strictly enforced because we saw a parking enforcement officer going around checking the meter and issuing ticket for those who violated the parking.


Like most bakery cafe, customer orders and pays at the counter and brings the food to a vacant table to enjoy. Behind the booth seat of the picture on the right is an area where breads and sweet treats are stationed for take out orders.


Polly ordered a 12oz latte for her drink. The latte is $3.95. The latte art is not as impressive as those in Caffe Artigiano just a few doors away.  We had been to the Caffe Artigiano on West 41st but not the one on west Broadway.

There is soy besides cream and 2% milk at the condiment station for coffees.


Since we ordered the Pie Day special on Friday which comes with a drip coffee, I had the drip coffee with medium roast. The coffee is ok. Oh!, the pie and coffee combo is only $2.99.

There are 3 pies to choose from; apple, rhubarb and blueberry. We opted for the blueberry pie. It was a large piece, almost a quarter of a 6″ pie. The filling is pretty thick and not too sweet.

Besides the Friday Pie special, there is also Lunch special like sandwich and salad for $5.95 or sandwich and soup for $6.95. (more…)

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Adonia Tea House in Kerrisdale, Vancouver

Polly and I went to Adonia Tea House for another high tea. We enjoyed the mini high tea at The Secret Garden Tea that we want to try more.


Driving past the area, we would not have figured that Adona is a tea house. From the earthy tone building and a name like Adonia, we would have thought that this is a Greek restaurant.


Adonia Tea House is decorated with flower wall paper and very lady like decoration. We believe that this is Chinese owned as we heard some of the people behind the counter speak in Mandarin.


It’s all about the beautiful tea cup, saucer and plate when coming to English tea.


Polly and I went for the mini high tea for $17.00 per person. The mini high tea comes with a sampling of 7 pieces of mini sweets and savories accompanied by your choice of tea. Unlike The Secret Garden Tea, we are not allowed … (more…)

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