Ramen Sanpachi on West Broadway, Vancouver

Polly and I visited Ramen Sanpachi on West Broadway for our cake meet. Since Ramen Sanpachi only opens for lunch at 11:30 am, we had plenty of time to pass. We spent more than an hour at the Chapters at Granville and Broadway, browsing books.


The reason we picked Ramen Sanpachi because we saw their promotion in the Klip magazine. During the week that we went, they were offering a 50% off for Yatai Ramen and 30% off for a few other ramen like Miso, Shoyu, Shio and Spicy Ramen.


The above is their lunch menu. They are mostly ramen with some side orders. You may click on the menu to view larger.




The above are their dinner menu which has much more varieties like vegetarian, salad, oyster, sashami, rolls, seafood, meat, hotpot and dessert.  We noticed that they have half size ramen after 5:00 PM for $6.95. The menu is clickable for clearer view.


Ramen Sanpachi has a narrow setup. There are booth seats which line both sides of the walls. Ramen Sanpachi has a bar that serves sake.


We ordered the Yatai Ramen … (more…)

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Nikkoffee on No.3 Road and Anderson Road in Richmond

Updated 11 Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

ChowtimesNoWord32x32Disclosure: One of the drink is complementary.

It is our last cake meet before the spring break. Polly and I have wanted to visit Nikkoffee which opened since December 2010 since we resumed our cake meet recently. From it’s website, it’s opening time should be very early, 7:00 AM or 8:00 AM. However, on a couple of times that we wanted to visit this place, it was not open despite it’s already 10:00 AM.


We did not plan to come to Nikkoffee on this day. We actually went to What8ever Cafe first around 11:30 AM as it’s website indicated that’s the opening hour. When we were there, the server inside the cafe told us they will not be ready until 12:30PM. What’s wrong with these places. If they do not plan to open that early, they should have update their website so that people don’t get disappointed.  Well, we decided to go to Costco first for some groceries shopping and give Nikkoffee another shot since it will be past 12:00 PM by then and this time, it’s open. Nikkoffee is located on No. 3 Road and Anderson Road, just across the Richmond City Hall. Parking is available at the rear of the building.


Nikoffee is decorated with white picket fence laced with artificial flower vines. It has a romantic atmosphere.


You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

Nikkoffee serves Asian flavour infused … (more…)

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Cornerstone on West 4th Ave and Stephens St, Vancouver

Polly and I stumbled upon this neighbourhood cafe on one of our ladies meet. We were actually looking for Farbourg without knowing the address. It’s my mistake as I misplaced the address in another bag and I merely remembered the address is somewhere on West 4th but actually it’s on West 41st. It’s a big blunder of mine.


We were told by the server that this corner cafe has been here for 5 1/2 years already. I wonder if the place got it’s name from the frontage decor or they decorated their frontage according to the name. The sandwich board outside the cafe states that they serve certified organic coffee.


This is a small cafe where you order and pay for your food at the counter. There is a buffet display of drinks, sandwiches and some bake goods. When I asked the server if they make the food themselves, she told me they … (more…)

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Simply French Cafe on West 10th Avenue and Alma in Vancouver

Polly and I had the opportunity to meet again after a long break. We last met for cake meet before the school year ended in late June 2010. Life has been busy and Polly has some change to her work schedule. Hopefully the cake meet can continue.


We wanted to go to Cocoa Nymph Chocolate for the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival initially. When we were there, we found out that other than hot chocolate, Cocoa Nymph Chocolate only offers chocolate. We wanted to have a bite. So, we look around to see if there is place we can go to. Just across the Cocoa Nymph, we saw this Simply French Cafe which looks like a place that suits us.


Simply French Cafe offers croissant, salads, soup, sandwiches, muffins, biscotti and other cookies. It seems like a place for us to have a small bite and chit chat over coffee.


Simply French Cafe is a neighbourhood cafe. The customers include seniors and younger women with a book to read or notebook surfing the internet. It has a rustic look with two simple chandeliers which add elegance to it. At the back of the cafe, (more…)

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Alegria Cafe & Giftware in Steveston Village, Richmond

It’s been a while since Polly and I get together due to changes to her work schedule. She finally got some time off on Friday and we resumed our ladies’ meet. But it will not be long as the summer school holiday is approaching soon. Once the kids are off school, so will be our ladies meet ends.


We decided to meet at Alegria Cafe & Giftware at 12211 First Avenue in Steveston Village. This cafe is opened daily from 8 am to 4 pm.


This is a neighbourhood cafe. Once you step inside the cafe, you can smell the aroma of food being cooked. Alegria Cafe serves panini, soup and baked goods. It is a self service cafe where you help yourself with the coffee and cutleries and there are also bins for used dishes. By 10:30 am, this place gets quite busy.


As the name suggests, this is not only a cafe but a giftware store. There are paintings, artworks and jewelry on sales. The artworks are hanged all over the walls as decorations too.


Even the chairs are painted with lovely motives.


Polly and I had their Algeria Organic Coffee which comes in (more…)

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Ebisu Japanese Restaurant on No 3 Rd and Ackroyd Rd, Richmond

Polly and I went to the Ebisu Japanese Restaurant for lunch during the Olympic weeks as we do not want to go to Vancouver with all the restricted parking. It’s kind of hard to find new dessert places too. Recommendations are most welcome. The only requirement is that it must open for breakfast or lunch at least.


The Ebisu Japanese Restaurant in Richmond is located in the Ackroyd Mall. There are two other Ebisu in Vancouver, Ebisu on Robson and another at West Broadway.


What brought me to Ebisu in Richmond is the above advertisement. I wanted to try their Izakaya items. But, unfortunately, the above are only available at dinner time. What a bummer.


Luckily, they have the lunch special going during our visits. It’s $2.88 per item, minimum order of 3 per person. Polly and I opted for the lunch special since they are light tapas.


Ebisu has clean lines and spacious setting. We were there at 11:30 am when they just open for lunch and I managed to take a photo without the crowd. It was quite full during lunch time. Most of them look like office workers. Service is prompt but not rush.


We ordered the miso soup for 50cents extra. The miso soup has generous amount of tofu and green onions. Just right for the rainy winter day when we were there.


We started off with Sesame Seaweed for appetizer. Love the crunchiness of the seaweed and the mild sesame flavour.


Next, we had the Chikuwa Cheese which is fish cake filled with cheese and deep fried. The melting cheese adds richness to the lightly crunchy fish cake. You have to eat this immediately when served.


The Prawn and Vegetable Tempura came with … (more…)

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Wicked Cafe on W 7th Ave and Hemlock St., Vancouver

Polly and I wanted to check out the street car installed for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic which travels between the Olympic Village Canada Line Station and Granville Island from Jan 21 to March 21.  So, we had our Friday cake meet at Wicked Cafe at 1399 W 7th Ave and Hemlock St., which is on the way to Granville Island.


It was a bright sunny day with some chill in the air. When we arrived at Wicked Cafe around 11:00 am., it was absolutely full house. We had to sit at the patio even though it’s a bit chilly. Fortunately, the sun was out and seated at the patio felt like a spring day.


Polly had a Latte for $2.90. It is very common for coffee shop to serve latte with some latte art. If you like latte art, check out this post and click on more for some amazing latte art.


I decided to have a Chai Latte for $3.55 since… (more…)

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Where Can We Find Shaobing in Vancouver?

This is a continuation quest for a reader, Michelle who wrote to me to find restaurants which serve Shaobing. I contacted a few of my Taiwanese friends and two of them recommended me to this place which sells traditional Taiwanese Shaobing. So, I made it a point to check out this place during my ladies meet day with Polly.


My Taiwanese friend, Emily told me that Shaobing stuffed with Chinese donut is a very typical breakfast item.


The place that my friends recommended is located on the second floor of President Plaza in Richmond, next to T&T Supermarket and across Aberdeen Center.


It is a stall at a small foodcourt. The stall name is Yung Ho Soy Drink. Apparently, this name is quite famous in Taiwan.


Yung Ho Soy Drink serves various types of shaobing, sweet and savory. Click on the images above to have a clearer view.

Without a doubt, I wanted to try … (more…)

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Waves Coffee in Steveston, Richmond

Polly and I resumed our ladies meet on Friday after a long winter break. It’s great to have some time off with a girl friend for girl talks.

Arkensen was not feeling too well that morning but he insisted to go to school. I told him if he is not getting better, he should come home and call me to let me know. So, I told Polly that we should go to somewhere in Richmond in case Arkensen comes home and I can get home quickly.


We ended up going to Waves Coffee in Steveston Village. This franchise coffee house began in 2005 at the corner of West Hasting St. and Richards in downtown Vancouver. The Richmond location is located at 12231 1st Ave, Richmond. There are 2 other major coffee chains in the near vicinity like Starbucks and Blenz Coffee. Canadians sure love coffee a lot.


Surprisingly, this place is very big. It has various types of seatings like sofas, counter seatings facing the glass wall and normal table seatings. They even have a kid table with kid chairs. No wonder, there are lots of toddlers here. We also saw some seniors, workers and people having a meeting here at the comfortable sofas. They offer baked goods, sandwiches, hot and cold beverages.


Polly got herself a Belgian Hot Chocolate. You have a choice of dark, milk or white chocolate. Polly opted for the dark chocolate. A small cup costs $3.89. I got something from the African Rooibos Tea section. The small cup of  Red Tea Latte costs $3.29. My homemade Red Espresso seemed to have stronger flavour than this.


We had three baked goods to share. The first item is a Cinnamon Twist. It is very flaky and … (more…)

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Yavis Club Cheesecake in Union Square, Richmond

It is great working four-day weeks for the rest of the year.

Well, my company is now forcing every employee to clear their accumulated vacation days by the end of the year, saying that if we don’t use it, we will lose it. I used to bring forward 2-3 weeks of accumulated leave every year. So in the effort to clear the days, I decided to take Fridays off for the last 7 weeks of the year.

I did not realize that Fridays are also Suanne’s Cake Meet day with Polly. Suanne was so sweet and decided to spend Fridays with me. So, to make it up to her, I told her I will be her Cake Meet date and we could go to visit the restaurants that are opened in the afternoon and evenings.


We went to Yavis Club which we heard so much of their cheesecakes. The Yavis Club is located in the Union Square (along Capstan Way) in Richmond.

Yavis Club is opened from 6PM to late on weekdays. On weekends, they open earlier at 3PM.


Nanzaro decided to tag along on our Cake Meet date. He is just bored to death at home because, well, he had been “discouraged” from playing the PS3 for some “transgressions” (to borrow the word from Tiger Woods).

The 2 year old Yavis Club is painted in a pleasant combination red, black and white with polished concrete floor. It is spacious in here but it also kind of dark.


The place is very much like a hangout for young Asian girls. We are about the only older customer there. Guys will not be seen in this kind of place if not for bringing their girlfriends here.

As for the menu, it does not have a lot of items but for each item, they have written a story behind it. The menu also described how Yavis came about and that the name is an acronym for “Young, Attractive, Verbal, Intelligent and Successful”. That acronym is based on the book “Psychotherapy: the Purchase of Friendship” by William Scofield.


Every cheesecake house is judged by how well they make their plain no-frills cheesecake. They name their cheesecake “The White Romance” ($5.25)

It was very good. It has the rich smoothness which melts in your mouth. Suanne loves this but I find it a bit too rich for my liking. It is presented with a flower made of fruity sauce outlined with chocolate.


Their other signature item is called the “Rainbow After The Dark” ($6.25). It is actually not a cheesecake in the true sense but instead it is … (more…)

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