Bel Cafe at Hotel Georgia, Vancouver

Polly and I managed to get together once on a Saturday morning for breakfast.


e met up at the Bridgeport station and took the Canada Line to Vancouver City Center station. From there, it was just a  short walk to Hotel Georgia. We had breakfast at Bel Cafe which located at the corner of Hotel Georgia.


We were there quite early, just before 9 am on a Saturday morning. It was not busy at that time. But, by the time we were about to leave, the place was full.


The decor is modern and sleek.


The above were the items we shared. (more…)

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Uprising Breads Bakery on West Broadway, Vancouver

Polly and I were able to resume our cake meet after a month of break since the winter break. Polly had been busy at work since the beginning of the year.


It’s been a while we did not go for sweet treats. So, we went to Uprising Breads Bakery on West Broadway to satisfy our sweet tooth. Street meter parking is available along west Broadway. We noticed that the meter parking is strictly enforced because we saw a parking enforcement officer going around checking the meter and issuing ticket for those who violated the parking.


Like most bakery cafe, customer orders and pays at the counter and brings the food to a vacant table to enjoy. Behind the booth seat of the picture on the right is an area where breads and sweet treats are stationed for take out orders.


Polly ordered a 12oz latte for her drink. The latte is $3.95. The latte art is not as impressive as those in Caffe Artigiano just a few doors away.  We had been to the Caffe Artigiano on West 41st but not the one on west Broadway.

There is soy besides cream and 2% milk at the condiment station for coffees.


Since we ordered the Pie Day special on Friday which comes with a drip coffee, I had the drip coffee with medium roast. The coffee is ok. Oh!, the pie and coffee combo is only $2.99.

There are 3 pies to choose from; apple, rhubarb and blueberry. We opted for the blueberry pie. It was a large piece, almost a quarter of a 6″ pie. The filling is pretty thick and not too sweet.

Besides the Friday Pie special, there is also Lunch special like sandwich and salad for $5.95 or sandwich and soup for $6.95. (more…)

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The Coffee Well at Westminster Hwy and Tiffany Blvd, Richmond

Updated 3rd Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Polly and I went to The Coffee Well for our cake meet. We had been to this location when it was Nat’s Bistro & Convenience Store back in October 2008. This is a very quiet strip mall.


The Coffee Well belongs to The Suburban Well as the receipt is by the name The Suburban Well.


We found out about The Coffee Well through their advertisement on the Richmond Reviews paper. For the opening, there is a 15% discount coupon in the advertisement.  They had just opened for three weeks when we were there on Halloween day.


There is not much change in the interior except the groceries were gone and replaced with some sofas.


The Coffee Well serves all day breakfast for $3.94. We did not try that though.


We ordered their combo meals. A soup and sandwich combo is $8 while a coffee and cake combo is $4. For the sandwich, it’s build your own sandwich.


For the soup and sandwich combo, we had the Potato and Bacon Soup. The other soup which was available that day was Hamburger Soup. It was … (more…)

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Adonia Tea House in Kerrisdale, Vancouver

Polly and I went to Adonia Tea House for another high tea. We enjoyed the mini high tea at The Secret Garden Tea that we want to try more.


Driving past the area, we would not have figured that Adona is a tea house. From the earthy tone building and a name like Adonia, we would have thought that this is a Greek restaurant.


Adonia Tea House is decorated with flower wall paper and very lady like decoration. We believe that this is Chinese owned as we heard some of the people behind the counter speak in Mandarin.


It’s all about the beautiful tea cup, saucer and plate when coming to English tea.


Polly and I went for the mini high tea for $17.00 per person. The mini high tea comes with a sampling of 7 pieces of mini sweets and savories accompanied by your choice of tea. Unlike The Secret Garden Tea, we are not allowed … (more…)

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Murchie’s Tea & Coffee in Richmond Automall

Polly brought me to Murchie’s Tea & Coffee in the Richmond Automall for our ladies’ meet. I have no idea that such a place exist as I only go to the ring road in the automall.


Murchie’s Tea & Coffee is located in the Crestwood Commerce Center across the Lexus dealership. It is next to the Boston Pizza.


Murchie’s Tea & Coffee mainly caters for the surrounding business. It is not very big; just a few tables. It only opens for breakfast and lunch.


Tea seems to be the specialty here. So, Polly and I decided to have tea instead of coffee.


Polly ordered the Raspberry Temptation. It is raspberry tea with chocolate. She had the regular size which is $2.85. The raspberry flavour does accentuate the tea.

I had the (more…)

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Chiffon Patisserie on West Broadway, Vancouver

When I accompanied Ben to apply his Chinese visa, we came across this Chiffon Patisserie on West Broadway on our way back. It looks like a good candidate for my cake meet with Polly.


From the urbanspoon site. this patisserie opens for breakfast and lunch on week days only. Meter parking is available along West Broadway. Just be ware that the parking is strictly enforced as we saw the meter is being checked while we were there.


They have a good selection of pastries, salad, sandwiches and subs. The prices are quite reasonable.


Chiffon Patisserie seats about 20 inside the restaurant.


Polly ordered a small Mocha for drink while I ordered a … (more…)

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49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe on W4th Ave, Vancouver

With the kids back to school, Polly and I resumed our ladies meet. Polly suggested 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe from a Chinese magazine that she came across.


49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe is located on 2152 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver. Polly likes this trendy neighbourhood.


49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe sources the world’s finest coffee beans and roast them in-house to bring out their best qualities. This place was buzzing with customers while we were there. According to the Chinese magazine, 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe has been in business for 4 years. One of the owner was a partner of Caffe Artigiano who decided to further his research on how to roast coffee to bring out it’s best quality.


Polly and I decided to try the coffees of the day. Recommendations from the Chinese magazine are their latte and Soma Chocolate which we missed out to try. We only re-checked the magazine after the meal.


Polly had the Panama Don  Pepe while I had the Decaf Colombia la Serrania. We enjoyed the coffee which has a strong flavour. The fresh brew coffee is $2.30 for a large cup.


We like that 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Cafe has some good pastries to go with our coffees.


We ordered some pastries to try. The above is the Almond Croissant from … (more…)

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Sciue in Yaletown, Vancouver

Polly suggested to go to Sciue in Yaletown for our cake meet. She past by this Italian bakery when she and her son came downtown for her son’s provincial exam. We took the Canada Line to downtown. Sciue is just a short walk from the Yaletown Roundhouse station. There is another Sciue located at West Pender, Vancouver.


It was a beautiful summer day. The patio of Sciue is full. Sciue opens early on weekday, from 6:30AM and closes at 7:30PM.


Sciue is pronounced as “shoe-eh”. Sciue in Italian means good and fast. This particular location is warmly decorated. Booth seats lined the wall. Sciue’s breakfast includes daily baked goods, donuts (Ciambella), and their famous ‘”Pane Romano” creations.


For drinks, I had the Caffe au Lait (picture on the left). A medium cup costs $2.50. I was hoping that it’s going to be like the Cafe Con Leche that I had in Spain. Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s just not thick and strong enough. Polly had a medium Chai Latte for $3.80.

We started our breakfast with Pezzetta which is Sciue Flat Pane Romano Filled with Prosciutto Cotto and Fontina Cheese. The above is … (more…)

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Take 5 Cafe in Richmond Centre Mall

Polly and I had our cake meet in Richmond Centre Mall. There is a new coffee place located near the Apple Store. It is in an open area.


The new coffee place is Take 5 Cafe. This is a franchise coffee place. This location has opened for 3 months as the server told me. Take 5 Cafe offers smoothies, sandwiches, soup, wraps, salad, baked pasta and baked goods.


Polly and I had a small Zebra Hot Chocolate and Zebra Mocha each. They are $3.55 and $3.05 respectively. We were told that zebra means they are half dark chocolate and half white chocolate.  You have the option to have the whip cream or not. For food, we had … (more…)

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Dim Sum at Good Eat Seafood Restaurant on Leslie Road, Richmond

Polly and I planned to go to Kim Ga Nae to try their $7.99 for 5 items lunch special. Unfortunately, when we arrived at 11:00 AM, Kim Ga Nae is not opened yet. So, I went down to go to the door to check their opening hours. What I found is a hand written note on the door that says “Temporary Closed”.  Later,I found out that they are closed for renovation.


With plan A dashed, we had to quickly came up with a plan B. Since we were in the area, I suggested we go to Good Eat Seafood Restaurant for dim sum since I have not been to this restaurant before.

Good Eat Seafood Restaurant is tucked in a small mall area on Leslie Road. It is not a very visible location. Parking is quite limited for this restaurant. There is parking in front, on the side and at the back of the restaurant.


When we arrived at around 11:00AM, the restaurant is not busy. It’s about 1/3 full. But by 12:00PM, this place started to fill up. We noticed most of the customers are Chinese seniors.

We saw a sign on the wall that says this restaurant allows customers to bring their own liquor with a corkage charge of $5.


We like that this restaurant uses real table cloth instead of the plastic ones for quick clean up. The cutleries here showed their age. There is a dollar per person tea charge for the dim sum.


The regular dim sum here ranges from $2.50 to $2.95 while the chef’s specials range from $4.95 to $6.95. Some chef specials items come in 2 sizes where the larger size ranges from $9.95 to $10.95.


We selected 5 items to share. The first item is … (more…)

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