Steveston Cannery Cafe on Moncton St, Richmond

Polly had to drive her twin daughters to the Richmond Oval for a class field trip.  It’s almost lunch time before Polly and I met for our cake meet.   We had to go to somewhere nearby as we only have two hours before Polly have to pick her girls up from school.  So, we headed to Steveston Village.


We decided to have a light lunch at Steveston Cannery Cafe located at 3611 Moncton St.  The Steveston Cannery Cafe is a cute building with very festives decorations on it’s windows.  That reminds me of Christmas is coming soon.


The menu is written on black boards high above the counter.  It is a self service place.  You place your order at the cashier, pay for your order and pick up your order there and then.  It is a very down to earth family run cafe.


Since we wanted only light lunch, we had the Soup of the Day which is squash soup each.  The soup with a seedy roll costs $4.65.  You can just have the soup alone which costs slightly less.  The squash soup is slightly spicy with lots of pepper.  If you like squash soup, try out this Butternut Squash Apple Soup recipe.


When we entered the cafe, we saw one of the customer was having a cinnamon bun and who can resist a gooey cinnamon bun.   (more…)

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Pastry Club Dessert Cafe on W 41st Ave, Vancouver

Updated: 24th Nov 2014; This restaurant is closed according to

When Joanne recommended the Pastry Club Dessert Cafe to me, I thought it sounds familiar.  Upon checking my list of places to go for cake meet, apparently it was on top of my list.  What a coincidence.  So, without further delay, Polly and I went to check out the Pastry Club Dessert Cafe in Kerisdale.  They are close on Sunday and the rest of the days, they are opened from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm.


Parking seems to be a problem here.  The servers keep watching out for the parking meter enforcer and we overheard them saying that the parking meter enforcer comes to check the meter everyday.  So, make sure you feed the meter if you park your car in this area.


Pastry Club Dessert Cafe is a small cozy neighborhood type of cafe.  It has 9 tables that serve 2 each.  During our visit there, we noticed that the servers know everyone of her customers except me and Polly.  When a server came to serve a customer seated next to our table, she predicted what the customer is going to order and said to the customer “something never change”.  That shows that the server really knows the customer well and the customer is a regular.


Polly and I were there quite early i.e. way before lunch time.  So, we ordered our regular coffees and desserts from the counter buffet.  Polly had latte while I opted for a stronger cappuccino.  The small coffees cost $2.95 each.


There is only one type of cheesecake that day which is Chocolate Marble Cheese Cake.  A slice costs (more…)

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Guu in Aberdeen, Richmond

It’s getting tougher to look for a new cake place for cake meet with Polly. I got a couple of places to check out but only found out that they are open late in the afternoon which does not suit our timing. It was also a rainy day and we ended up in Aberdeen Center in Richmond. At least the car park is covered and there is plenty of parking spaces. That’s why we ended up our cake meet at Guu in Aberdeen.


Guu in Aberdeen opens for lunch at 11:30am. That is still ok with us. Since we were there at about 11:00 am, we had some time to do some groceries shopping before our lunch. Polly likes to do her groceries shopping on Friday as most groceries places are packed with people in the weekends. As for me, I like to do my groceries shopping at the beginning of the week as I seldom cook during weekends.


Guu is a Izakaya type of Japanese restaurant.  All the servers will greet you the moment you enter and leave the restaurant.  They are full of enthusiasm.  I like their high spirit.  The only other Asian restaurant that practice such greetings are Taiwanese restaurant.  However, they are more subtle.


Polly likes Guu’s cup and condiment holders, especially the cup with the fish imprints.  Chinese restaurants usually have toothpicks at the counter but in Guu, they actually have them on the table.  What a nice touch.


We ordered two items to share.  The first item was called the Guuu’d Box.  It’s on the lunch special menu.  This bento box costs (more…)

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Cafe de Waraku in Richmond

It was one of the nights that Ben was craving for dessert and there being not many choices, we went to Excellence Tofu and Snacks at Hazelbridge.   I wish there are more dessert places in Richmond which serves hot dessert soups.  After dessert, we peeped into this new cafe beside the Excellence Tofu to look at the menu displayed outside the glass panels.  I did not pay much attention as my first glance is that this place serves Japanese style pasta.  But it was Nanzaro who pointed out to me that Cafe de Waraku also serves cheesecakes.


So, I brought Polly to Cafe de Waraku for our cake meet.  We were there just past 12:00 noon and the place is still pretty quiet.


We were told that the cafe has opened for about 5 months only.  It has simple decorations with a few colourful art pieces on the wall.  It is clean and neat.


We like their menu which has colourful pictures.  It makes selection much easier.  The menu highlights that their items has no msg added and low in sodium.  Good for those health conscious people.


Since it’s already noon, we ordered one of their lunch special pasta to try.   The pasta comes in three type of flavorings, i.e. Japanese stir fried in original flavour, in cream sauce and in tomato sauce.  We picked one in original flavour with eel and egg.  This costs $7.99.  The noodle is simple and tasty.  We totally enjoyed this pasta.


The lunch special comes with a free drink.   So, I opted for a coffee, thinking that it will be just dripped coffee.  To my surprise, the coffee is pretty good and it even has some crema on it. (more…)

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Churros and Hot Chocholate at Dulcinea, Vancouver

Updated 30th Oct 2010: this restaurant is closed.

We blogged about Dulcinea in early spring this year when they just opened not long.  Polly wanted to try this place for our cake meet.  I’ve heard that Dulcinea has the churros in place already and it’s a good time for a revisit.


We’ll, the first thing I ordered is their signature drink, 1528, a thick Spanish hot chocolate with churros.  I ordered a double shot for the 1528 which costs $4.50 while the churros above costs $5.25.    I must say that the churros we had in Spain is much more reasonably priced.


Churros is so good with the thick chocolate drink is because the ridges hold the chocolate well.  I would have ordered more churros if they are cheaper.


We also ordered these Hojaldre de Chorizo which is a savoury pastry.  It is like curry puff made with puff pastry.  These are $3.40 each. (more…)

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Thomas Haas on Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver

Angie from seasaltwithfood invited Polly and I for a get together at Thomas Haas in North Vancouver.  Polly and I seldom venture so far for our cake meet although Thomas Haas has been on our list of places to visit, we have yet to travel so far for dessert.  But for Angie’s sake, we made the trip to North Vancouver.  If I remembered clearly, our last cake meet with Angie was at La Petite France last November.


Thomas Haas is located in a kind of industrial area with a private school just across it.  It’s kind of out of the place for a dessert place but believe it or not, this is a very busy outlet.  Customers were taking advantage of the great spring weather to enjoy their dessert at the patio.


Thomas Haas is a chocolatier who believe that passion and integrity is the essence for true artisan craftsmanship.  They showcase their art piece right at the front counter.


Being passionate with their chocolate, they have quite some varieties of truffles and chocolate pieces on their display counter.  But we are not really into chocolate but more for their cakes.


Besides chocolates, Thomas Haas also have a wide range of pastries …


… and cakes.  We love this place already. (more…)

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Max’s Bakery & Delicatessen on Oak St., Vancouver

Polly and I met again for our cake meet. We cant meet as regular as we like due to spring break or school Pro-D days. We enjoyed our ladies only cake meet where we can indulge ourselves with sweet treats and chat about anything, mostly about our children. Girl just need a girl friend to talk to.


We had our cake meet at Max’s Bakery & Delicatessen on Oak St. Max’s Bakery & Delicatessen has 2 other locations, one on West 8th Ave and another on Granville Island which is known as Stuart’s Bakery which I had blogged about here. I have no idea that Stuart’s Bakery is a branch of Max’s until I checked Max’s website.


We knew that this must be a busy location because they have a numbering system installed where you take a number and wait for your number to be displayed or called upon. They have lots of bake goods, pastries and cakes to choose from. We knew we’ll like this place the moment we walked in.

One unique thing we noticed in Max’s is their one blade fan. I wonder if it’s more for decoration or function.


This bakery not only has lots of cakes and sweet treats, but they also have lots of savoury items to offer, like sandwiches, lasagna, roast chicken, salad, etc. We will be back to try their savoury items on our next visit.

Max’s also does catering, whether it’s corporate luncheon, wedding reception, or a celebratory family gathering. (more…)

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